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Kathleen McKeever, , Bariatric Coordinator and Surgical Scheduler

Kathleen McKeever Bariatric Coordinator and Surgical Scheduler

Specialty: General Surgery

Kathy is the Bariatric Coordinator, MA, and Surgical Scheduler for the office. Any questions concerning any of these areas, please contact her. She takes her work seriously and always goes above and beyond for our patients. This is what Kathy has to say:

"I have the pleasure of working for two very talented surgeons: Dr. Michael Sasso and Dr. Louis Balsama. I have been with them for eleven years. I enjoy each day that I sepnd with them and our very special patients.  Each person is unique and I make it my priority to extend VIP treatment to all of our patients. Working with Dr. Sasso and Dr. Balsama has enlightened me and given me a view of what hard-working, compassionate, 'except - nothing - but - the - best'  surgeons are and the impact they have on patients!"

"My goal is for each patient to have a great and exceptional experience with us. I am available to our patients anytime via cell ot text. I am here to serve them."