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Bariatric Video Classes
Please return as more classes are added. These are informal but informative videos to enhance your learning experience.

Seminar Videos 1 and 2
Powerpoint Class 1
Post-Test Class 1
Bariatric Class 1 Dietary Management Prior to Surgery

Powerpoint Class 2
Post-Test Class 2
Bariatric Class 2 Post-op Stages 1 and 2

Powerpoint Class 3
Post-Test Class 3
Bariatric Nutrition Class 3 Post-op Stages 3 and 4

Powerpoint Class 4
Post-test Class 4
Bariatric Nutrition Class 4 Pre-op Diet

Powerpoint Class 5

Pre-op class Powerpoint
Pre-op Class Post-Test
Jefferson Pre-op Class MANDATORY

Answer Key To Bariatric Tests

Podcast with Dr. Balsama on the In's and Out's of Bariatric Surgery
Podcast with Chris on ESPN: Myths and Truths about Bariatric Surgery

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION  - Beginning and end dates must be at least 4 months apart. 

DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. The information provided here is for informational purposes only. These videos and hand-outs may not cover all possible information about bariatric surgery. Please check with a physician if you have any questions or concerns. Although we attempt to provide accurate and up-to-date information, no guarantee is made to that effect.