Surgical Specialists of Washington Township

Bariatric Packet

Bariatric Packet                                                   Supplements

Pre-op check-list                                                                           Bariatric Advantage
Consult Sheet                                                                                Bariatric Fusion
Primary Care Doctor Form                                                          Bariatric Barimelts
Cardiac Clearance Form                                                              Nascobal Prescription Program                                       
Pulmonary Clearance Form                                                               
Pre-op Lab Slip                                                                             Requirements
Post-op Lab Slip
Chest xray & UGI Slip                                                                   1. Calcium Citrate
                                                                                                         2. Vitamin B12
                                                                                                         3. Multivitamin with iron
Bariatric Nutrition Hand-outs

Pre-op fast
Post-op diet guidelines
Sample protein supplements
Pre and post-op instructions
Best in class foods
Constipation Cure
Hair loss
Excess gas
Acid reflux
Holistic prep for surgery

Tips and Pearls of Wisdom

Right behavior begets right behavior
Tolerance does not equal permission
Thoughts = emotions = feelings = action
Never eat your exercise
Slow and steady wins the race
Whether you can or you can’t, you are probably right
Happiness shared is happiness increased; Grief shared is grief decreased
Paying it forward pays it back
Celebrate your plateaus
Wake up every day with purpose
Go to bed every night with gratitude
Out of sight, out of mind
Don’t rely on will power
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail
If it’s not written, it’s not realized
Never drink calories
Empower yourself not your surgery
It's okay to disengage
You can't have it both ways
Tomorrow never comes
Omit 'if' and 'still' and 'try' out of vocabulary
Negativity and positivity are both contagious
Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now
Nothing tastes as good as healthy
NEVER empower anyone by giving control of your feelings away.
Stay in the range
If you want to roll, become a ball
If you can fathom it, you can do it.
You can do anything for one minute